Ray Rosas will teach a section of ENGL 15, Enhanced for Fall 2018.  To enroll through LionPath, look for ENGL 15, Section 12 (16451).  You can also contact Lynn Setzler (las36@psu.edu) to enroll.

ENGL 15, Enhanced allows you to earn credits towards graduation and receive multidimensional writing support from faculty, graduate students, and peers. ENGL 15, Enhanced includes a 3-credit ENGL 15 workshop taught by an experienced lecturer and a 1-credit weekly ENGL 5 tutorial, with guaranteed tutorial at Penn State Learning for each assignment. In ENGL 15, Enhanced you will develop college-level writing experience using the ENGL 15 curriculum while also receiving extra support to ensure you are prepared to meet the course requirements.

You are eligible for ENG 15, Enhanced if you:

  • Had placement scores between 380-459 and 200-379
  • Had between 0-2 years of AP or college preparatory English
  • Often wrote brief essays
  • Earned between a C+ and D in writing courses
  • Are unsure of writing tasks
  • Need writing practice and support
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