Course Sizes

In the Penn State Program in Rhetoric and Writing, we believe that smaller course sizes are essential to effective teaching and learning.  As a result, we try to adhere to the recommendations made by the National Council of Teachers of English regarding maximum course size.  Below are the maximum course caps for all courses run by the Program Office:

First Year Writing

English 15: Rhetoric and Composition – 24 students
English 30: Honors Rhetoric and Composition – 24 students
English 137/8: Honors Rhetoric and Civic Life  – 24 students

Advanced Writing

English 202A: Writing in the Social Sciences – 24 students
English 202B: Writing in the Humanities – 24 students
English 202C: Technical Writing – 24 students
English 202D: Business Writing – 24 students

Basic Writing

English 4: Basic Writing – 18 students

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